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The mission of Project 24 is grounded in prayer.  Please join us in asking for God's protection for these little ones and that many  people would be moved to join with Project 24 to care for Kenyan children!


$200,000 builds an entire boarding facility, while $1080/year can provide a vulnerable child with food, school supplies, clothing, medical benefits, and other necessities.  Support with your gift today!


For $90/month (or $1080/year), a vulnerable child will have food, school supplies, clothing, medical benefits, and other necessities.  Your personal communication, prayers, and support are encouraging for these children.

To learn more about Christ's Care for Children-Kenya, please contact Jennifer Hummel at 1-800-248-1930 or


Share the story of Project 24 and Kenya's vulnerable children with your friends, families, churches, and communities.  Ask others to pray for God's blessings on the lives of those in Project 24 Centers.  Contact a Project 24 representative to arrange a speaker at your next event.


Donate your time by getting involved with the work of Project 24.  Grants made by the Mary Okeyo fund help to support young adults in their journey to Kenya to serve at a Boarding Facility.  To learn more, contact a North Dakota District representative for Project 24.