ABOUT Project 24

  What began as a meeting between the leadership of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK) and representatives of LCMS World Relief and Human Care became a dream to build at least 24 boarding facilities for vulnerable children throughout Kenya. Financial donations contributed from caring people around the world are used to construct safe homes for children in need. 

  Each site hosts children from Lutheran families in the region who would may have lost one or both parents, and not otherwise have the chance to attend school. Sites are within walking distance to a primary school (grade K-8) and ELCK congregation.  During school breaks, the children return to their extended families and tribes.

  Children grow up in a Christ-centered environment. Site staff lead children through daily devotions while chaplains assigned to each site help with spiritual growth and catechism knowledge and witness to the extended families of children. Diocese leadership are regular visitors to provide encouragement and oversight, and neighboring ELCK Lutheran congregations also provide support and resources. 

  Twice annually, children from all sites gather together for Catechism Club, where children recite catechism memory work and bible verses, perform hymns, songs, skits, and biblical dramas, hear from church leaders, have devotions and interact with other orphaned and vulnerable children during the 2-day event. 

  In addition to spiritual needs, each site provides for physical and educational needs for each child. Sites typically have gardens, farm animals, and other income generative activities to aid in sustainable support. Each site is inspected by representative from Kenya Departments of children services and health to ensure compliance with directives of child care institutions.

  Whereas Project 24 provides the physical and programmatic structure to support these children, provision of sustenance and operations of the sites is provided through the child-sponsorship program called Christ’s Care for Children-Kenya.


Christ's Care for



  Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya (link to lcms.org/ccck) is a child-sponsorship program that matches donors in the U.S. with children who are living in one of the boarding facilities in Kenya, managed by the LC-MS partner church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya.


  The cost to sponsor a child is $90 per month or $1,080 for the whole year.  Sponsorship provides food, healthcare, school uniforms and supplies, and caring staff to provide for their daily needs.


  Sponsors receive an initial packet of information on their child, as well as updates, throughout the year on his or her welfare, spiritual engagement and school grades, as well as letters from their sponsored-child.


  To discuss sponsoring a child, contact Jennifer Hummel at jennifer.hummel@lcsm.org or 1-800-248-1930, Ext. 1326

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​Children in Kenya


  In the country of Kenya, in eastern Africa, suffering is evident. Between two and three million children have lost one or both parents. In order to provide for their families, the orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) must often work and become vulnerable to not receiving an education or necessary life skills.


  Conflicts between tribes, exposure to HIV/AIDS, and other causes have contributed the large number of OVCs in Kenya.  Within the world, Kenya has the fifth largest number of people infected with HIV/AIDS.  Although tribal ties are strong in Kenya, families sometimes are not able to provide sufficient care for vulnerable children in their care. 

   Project 24 aims to help provide food, education, and medical care in a Christ-centered home for these children.